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We are a small company with a limited production located in Villa de Fermoselle, in the Arribes del Duero area, in the province of Zamora.
Our origins begin with our ancestor Mariano. He had a small production of olive trees planted on low slopes of terraces among lush bushes in “El Rincón de las Cabañas” in Arribes del Duero, between the Tormes river and the Duero river and at the same time he ran a goat herding business. In his time he was in a good economic position because he used barter as an exchange currency and was in possession of a great liquid gold such as olive oil, milk and meat. We are really very grateful to our origins because they showed us the way to work and care for our olive groves.

In 1985 we resumed work in our olive groves. It was at this time that we began to care for our olive groves and produce EVOO for our own consumption. After a few years we noticed that we produced a high quality EVOO and that it improved every year thanks to the organic production system that we currently have and with which we obtain a product of the highest quality with a gourmet category.

In 2018, in association with “La Bicha”, our commercial brand “Pago los Bichos” emerged, a project that we have been highly motivated with all the enthusiasm and through which we market our Organic EVOO.

Special thanks to Francisco Javier de Jesús Díez, organic producer of the Villa de Fermoselle and close friend of the family, for his collaboration in making this promising Pago los Bichos project a reality.

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