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Our olive groves are located in the areas of “El picón”, “Las Cañadas”, “El Forcajo”, “Peñavela” and “El noval” in the heart of Arribes del Duero in Fermoselle.

These olive groves are regulated and certified by the Council of Organic Agriculture of Castilla Y León (CAECyL), where it is specified that agriculture must be 100% organic, this allows us to prepare a natural and healthy EVOO; and at the same time we can practice agriculture respecting the environment.

We only collect the olives still on their stem, that is, the olives that are stuck on the tree, in this way the good condition of the fruit is guaranteed. The olives are picked at an early stage when they are green, this allow us to obtain a high-quality greenish-colored oil with a fruity flavor and a high content of polyphenols.

The traceability of our EVOO is guaranteed for our clients, we assure them that they consume a product produced in the town of Fermoselle.

From Pago los Bichos we offer an EVOO direct from the producer.


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