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Fermoselle is a beautiful and unique villa located in the Sayago region in the province of Zamora. It forms a triangle in the terraces that rush towards the waters of the Douro river, bordering Portugal and its tributary the Tormes river. It creates an ideal microclimate for the cultivation of the olive trees, unique in the province with its oscillating 300m, confluence from the Tormes river on the Douro and 750m from the Teso Cabezo above sea level.

It is considered the capital of the Arribes del Duero, and was declared a Historic-Artistic site in 1974.

Environment 1

The Arribes del Duero Natural Park is a protected natural space that in Fermoselle is characterized by a depression or a low altitude area, and another with a peneplain or a higher altitude, with “Los Arribes” being the steep slopes located on both sides of these rivers.

In almost all the protected area, the enclosures of the river courses of the Duero and Tormes rivers form the natural border between Spain and Portugal. The Arribes del Duero were incorporated by the Junta de Castilla y León into the network of natural parks on 11 April 2002. The Portuguese government did the same with its part a little earlier, on 11 May 1998, under the name of native Parque of the international Douro.

On June 9, 2015, the two parks were declared a Cross-border Biosphere Reserve by Unesco under the name of the Iberian Plateau, along with several other Spanish and Portuguese protected areas.

The declaration as a Cross-border Biosphere Reserve and Iberian Plateau represents an environmental quality mark that promotes the promotion of sustainable socio-economic development in said territory, the conservation of natural and cultural heritage, as well as combining efforts for the joint promotion of this space in actions cooperation.


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