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Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 399 500ml “Limited Edition”


Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 399 250ml “Limited Edition”

Pago los Bichos launches its Organic Limited Edition EVOO “399”. The number “399” has been granted for the altitude of 399m where one of our most beloved olive groves is located, the “Peñavela” olive grove, inherited from our beloved family member Mariano.
  • Reasons to obtain this divine liquid gold.
    1. Very early harvest on (1) November.
    2. Olives when they are green.
    3. Harvesting olives on the fly, only olives found on the tree.
    4. 7% yield per KG.
  • We take a freshly extracted oil to our clients’ home, a fresh seasonal product that cannot be found at other times of the year, its production is Limited.
  • Due to the special edition of the product and being recently extracted we recommend its use only in raw.
  • Presentation: 250ml bottle, individual pack, personalized and printed bottle.
  • Varieties: 100% Fermoselle Manzanilla.
  • Zone: Arribes del Duero, Fermoselle (Zamora).
  • Tasting: Divine intense green oil typical of freshly extracted oils. Its aroma and flavor is exceptionally intense, on the nose the notes of green vegetables are spectacular and almond are evident. In the mouth it presents astringency and a medium itch and bitterness. The balance that the Manzanilla de Fermoselle variety reaches in the mouth-nose is exquisite.
  • Pairing: Fresh cheeses, green salads, cold sauces, tomato, garlic, bruschetta or serve it on a plate and enjoy it raw with a good bread.


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